I’ve been designing theatrical settings for a few decades. 

I began in experimental venues in New York City and continued in the larger city theaters and state opera houses of Europe. In every case I've designed both stage and light, and as often as possible the sound environment. On a few occasions I've composed the music.

This site presents a selection of my stages, plus a collection of the graphics that I created for these productions. I’ve included a few of the ideas that led to my designs, as well as a gallery of 'artifacts’, those images and objects developed for a show, but that never make it to the stage.

Though my theater work has been aimed at the widest public, 

my motion picture work is practically hermetic. Advances in technology have allowed me to make ‘movies’ in the way that people formerly filled sketchbooks, quickly, lightly, and with little premeditation. I make them with no thought of distribution, or even of the viewer, beyond myself.

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