Siegfried Nocturne

Libretto and Music Michael Jarrell

Wagner Festival 2013

Comédie de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland


from a text by Olivier Py

Direction Hervé Loichemol

with Bo Skovhus

Ensemble Multilatérale

Conducted by Stefan Asbury

Stage/Light Seth Tillett

Costume Nicole Rauscher/Seth Tillett

Siegfried, the youthful Aryan hero, betrayed and murdered in Wagner’s opera of the same name, 60 years before, awakens in a devastated Europe in 1945. Desperate to learn how his myth came to be used in the service of such horror, he seeks the Rhine, and an answer. When he finds the river at last, it is silent and still, choked with the wreckage of war, and it swallows him up.

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